Pattullo Deck Rehabilitation

Pattullo Deck Rehabilitation

Client: Translink

Location: New Westminster, BC

Value: $7,967,905

Completed: January 2017

Project Synopsis:

  • Mobilization and access construction, including minor vegetation clearing at lay-down area(s) and access routes/points
  • Removal and disposal of asphalt wearing surface by milling and underlying layer of concrete deck by scarification (jackhammering) and/or hydro-demolition
  • Concrete deck repairs (shallow to full depth) by placement of new rebar/concrete as required by conditions
  • Installation of new reinforcing steel and concrete overlay
  • Containment of construction slurry (i.e., from saw-cutting and/or hydro-demolition) and other debris (i.e., concrete chips from jack hammering, asphalt millings, etc.)
  • Replacement/installation of traffic barriers, signage and pavement markings
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