Fairview Terminals

Fairview Terminals

Client: DP World

Location: Prince Rupert, BC

Value: $22,913,480

Completed: September 2017

Project Synopsis:

  • Dredging and construction of a 155M long and 40M wide suspended concrete wharf
  • Reclamation of 3 hectares of land at the north end of the terminal
  • Widening 250M of wharf from the existing northern caisson structure by 20M
  • Addition of 36M to the southern apron structure
  • Construction of mooring dolphin and walkway
  • Excavation / blasting / construction of a container park east of the terminal
  • Upgrade of rail capacity and installation of additional rails and cranes on the new wharf extension
  • Aboriginal content requirement
  • Working in a live operating facility
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