Thornton CN Railyard Drop Table

Thornton CN Railyard Drop Table

Client: Lukay Research and Development Ltd.

Location: Surrey, BC

Value: $868,600

Completed: December 2019

Project Synopsis:

Locomotive Wash upgrade, including:

  • Remove all carbon steel water piping, pressure washers, heaters, stands and hoses and turn over to CN
  • S&I hot water heating and distribution system, tubing, piping, heat trace, insulation and covering
  • Concrete drip trays and sump, grit vacuum building skid mounted, concrete pad for grit vacuum building ski, vacuum system, caustic arches
  • Complete high pressure washer system including hose reels, hoses, and rotary brush system
  • Remove, rebuild and reapply locomotive body and truck wash arch and support frame and piping system
  • Reapply air blower motors and fans
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