Westshore – Potash Storage Building

Westshore - Potash Storage Building

Client: Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership

Location: Delta, BC

Value: $10,955,625

Estimated Completion: April 2024

Project Synopsis:

Supply, placement, relocation, and disposal of preload material for the future Potash Storage Building (PSB) at Westshore Terminals in Delta, BC.

The contract is to provide compacted general fill and preload in anticipation of the first phase of the PSB’s construction.  The preload will be applied in two stages; Phase 1: Stage 1, and Phase 1: Stage 2.  Each of the stages will be constructed over approx. 3-month period and have a settlement period of between 3 to 9 months, depending on the rate of settlement.  The work also includes proof rolling, installation and removal of settlement monitoring pins and equipment, and settlement monitoring surveys through the construction of the work.

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